Examining the maps, deciding how far to go each day, what to see and do, where to sleep, food . . . When will I do laundry? How much clothing to pack, locations of laundries, the price (coin vs. card), only the necessities, please. I like to travel light.

But that’s not complicated, really. No Dogs Allowed. Now that’s complicated. Sure, I figured buildings would be off limits, but national parks? National Forests, for the most part, are dog friendly, but the parks are really limited.

Still, not a reason to give up on the trip, and we can get some photos from a distance. Kenobi will still be his sweet, friendly self and want to meet and greet everyone. That’s a big deal. People want to pet him and are thrilled when he spends time sniffing at them and giving them kisses. There have been a couple people who have made sarcastic comments about how ferocious Kenobi is.

Anyway, this also has me thinking about going into groceries, laundries, and any other place that might be necessary. Something to consider.


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