Examining the maps, deciding how far to go each day, what to see and do, where to sleep, food . . . When will I do laundry? How much clothing to pack, locations of laundries, the price (coin vs. card), only the necessities, please. I like to travel light. But that's not complicated, really. No... Continue Reading →

Fifty Sites in 60 Days

I'm an English teacher. I work at a low-income, high-poverty high school in the Bronx. It's be a special year with ongoing fights, property damage and theft, screaming and yelling--your basic school violence. Summer cannot come fast enough. When it does, Kenobi and I are outta here--so long NYC! See you in the fall. On... Continue Reading →

Thinking Through the Ultimate Road Trip

Here's the map of the 13, 699 mile route: Photo: Randy Olson/Google Maps Here's the list of landmarks to visit: Grand Canyon, Arizona Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah Craters of the Moon, Idaho Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Pikes Peak, Colorado Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico The Alamo, Texas The Platt Historic District, Oklahoma Toltec... Continue Reading →

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