Day One–Road Trip to Grand Marais

We left almost on time on Wednesday¬† just after noon and didn't face much traffic at all except for the two construction areas along 35W north. Even there, it wasn't bad--a single lane but not stopping. It was a gorgeous day for a road trip. Smooth and easy--from Minneapolis: 100 to 35W north to 61... Continue Reading →

Can’t Get Enough of the Haun Trail.

Not just the Haun Trail, but our entire walk to the trail along the railroad tracks and back again is always pleasant. Today it took us over two hours to complete our loop. Birds filled the tress along the Greenway, but I couldn't see many--just heard them--and what a choir! I captured the Cardinal couple... Continue Reading →

Wandering Wirth Park

Wirth Park is a great place to go for a hike in Minneapolis--right in the city. The Butler Wild Flower Garden and Bird Preserve is located within the park and is surrounded by all the trails, so you get to see some more exotic birds while on the trails, too. Dogs are not allowed in... Continue Reading →

Short Adventure Coming Up!

Next week, I'll be packing up to take Kenobi up to the North Shore. Yes, again. We enjoy the drive, hiking, restaurants, shops, and harbor so much that we need to go a few times a year. To avoid Memorial Day weekend, we'll be heading up Wednesday afternoon and driving back into the city on... Continue Reading →

Considering Dog Gear Updates

As I consider this summer's adventures, it's time to examine the gear situation. What really has me thinking is the fact that my all-time favorite hands-free leash just broke today. It's the Ruffwear Roamer Leash that Kenobi and I have been using for over a year. Ruffwear does work best for us, so far. We... Continue Reading →

Hello? Spring? Is that you?

This Grey Heron that we first met yesterday was more happy to pose for photos. Perhaps it was the safe distance across the pond. Check out 21 facts about the Grey Heron here. And here is a new creature in out neighborhood--a Cassin's Finch. Terribly shy, and going with the old saying, "if I can't... Continue Reading →

Turtle Cuddles

I was so lucky today capturing photographs. There were about 10 turtles out sunning on the logs. They were all various sizes and striking different poses. It wasn't until I uploaded the photos onto my computer that I noticed the affection between these two.   This gorgeous goose rushed into the pond as Kenobi tried... Continue Reading →

Two Crows Dive-Bomb a Bald Eagle

Kenobi and I have gotten into a bit of a rut. We'll walk to the Midtown Greenway, follow it west to the Ball Lake Reserve, and walk around it on the Haun Trail and return back the way we came. As mentioned before, the big attraction of this route is the wildlife we see--mainly birds.... Continue Reading →

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