A New Neighborhood Friend!

Happy Easter! Kenobi and I ventured out on the river trail early this morning. It was a gorgeous cool, sunny morning, and we had the park to ourselves. Is there anything better? Yes! First, I was able to purchase a baguette and loaf of bread from my favorite bakery, Adore, plus a Danish pastry and... Continue Reading →

… and we’re back!

After some big life changes and feeling trapped in our apartment since spring 2020, we’re going on hiking adventures around Central Illinois. With the help of All Trails, it is easy to find the dog-friendly trails. I am surprised at how many trails do not allow dogs on leash. This weekend we explored the Spring... Continue Reading →

Flashback to My Japanese Life

I was rereading Audrey's post about traveling in Japan, and it got me thinking about the wonderful experiences that I had living in Shizuoka and traveling around the country. I first moved to Japan as a participant on the JET Program and ended up staying for a little over six years. It's been over a decade... Continue Reading →

What are you doing?

While dreaming of our Optimum Road Trip, we're still out on our walks and the trails in the neighborhood. While capturing this young Mallard family, this Red Finch had his eye on me only a few feet away. After his departure, we continued on to capture more neighborhood critters along the Haun Trail and the... Continue Reading →

Evolution of Camp Food

When we first set out on our cross-country road trip in the summer of 2015, the cooler was full of sausages, cheese, eggs, condiments, meat, and I don't remember what else. After my morning fail with coffee, it was difficult to get the cooking going. Even after purchasing the Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove, I didn't... Continue Reading →

Making It Happen

It's time. What seemed to be a catastrophe is really an opportunity. Time is now on my side to tackle not the Ultimate Road Trip, but the The Optimal U.S. National Parks Centennial Road Trip. Yes, this one was created by Randal S. Olson, too and includes stops at 47 National Parks. Perfect! Again, he states... Continue Reading →

Excellent Weekend!

We did a lot of wandering around our neighborhood this weekend. We got to Lake of the Isles and to the Bass Lake Reserve. Yesterday, the most exciting photos are of a Great Blue Heron: He was just perching here watching me take photos of him. We moved a little closer, closer, and a bit... Continue Reading →

And the Fog Rolled In

Thursday night, this fog filled the bay. I like fog--great ambiance. Does anyone else remember the old, black-and-white movies where foggy scenes embraced human communication wrapped in overcoats? There is something about fog.  Not all that good for taking a variety of picture, unfortunately. Perhaps if the sun had been cooperating . . . This... Continue Reading →

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