What does my graduate degree have to do with it?

11173318_854702817924351_7277961514456371984_nOn our evening walk to the park, we passed a man who asked me if I was going to Columbia University. (I was wearing my Columbia sweatshirt.) I told him that I did. He sort-of hummed and hawed something about how that had to do with living NYC, and how odd it was that someone who had attended Columbia University would have a pit bull. Huh? I don’t get it. His blabbering hadn’t been well thought-out, but he persisted after I mentioned how intelligent Kenobi is, and the man scoffed.

Does a chosen school indicate what type of pet you have? I find this difficult to believe. After all, if we focus on Columbia University, we have to recognize that people from all over the country and the world study there. They come from various cultures and backgrounds, have different interests and passions, and study a variety of subjects. Right? So, what do we really have in common? I have several things in common with those who attended Teachers College, more with those who were in the same department, and even more with those who were in my cohort. These things all have to do with the love of education and our career choices. But overall, I can’t say I have anything more than the location of study with the vast majority of Columbia students. Even with my cohort, we don’t choose the same pets. I know for a fact that one member has a cat.

And the NYC reference? Is there anything to it other than, again, the location of Columbia University? My guess is a person might run into more people in Columbia t-shirts and sweatshirts in the city where the school is located. And what commentary was this man making? Why wouldn’t a graduate from C.U. not adopt a pit bull?

For the record, Kenobi is clever–uses strategies and manipulates, in many ways much like a teenager.


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  1. people’s preconceived notions of others die hard. i mean, we have all heard how many millionaires live like the middle class instead of “living it large”, like the kardashians. yet, we still have this idea that if you drive a certain car, wear a certain watch, and live in a certain zip code, you are rich because you spend like you do.


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