Kenobi, my Prince

10470847_709496962444938_4012608918278220679_nAt the end of June 2014, I adopted Kenobi from Zani’s Furry Friends . I wasn’t looking for him. I’d found an adult female Stafford Terrier on their site that I wanted to meet. She had been adopted. There was another adult female on their site, but she wasn’t a city dog. Every time I made an inquiry, they came back saying that I needed to meet Kenobi. His bio said he was seven months old. That’s a young puppy that requires training and a lot of time, and may need another dog for companionship. But they convinced me to go to the Pet Co during one of their adoption promotions to meet Kenobi. He is handsome. We took a walk around the block which could have gone a bit better–pulling at the leash, but he’s so curious and just wanted to sniff everything. He’s also 100% lover. He was rolling on his back and bouncing around playing with other dogs. So, I took him home with a couple huge bags of doggy stuff. (Good strategy Pet Co!)

10492123_709496602444974_7862242553308050268_nKenobi entered the apartment and jumped right on the bed as if to say, “This is mine.” He was all smiles and wags, and it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Many people mistake him for a female, but he’s not bothered. All of the females on the block show that they feel Kenobi is dreamy. Some people cross the street when they see us coming. That’s OK. Kenobi likes just about everyone and wants to play with every other dog. The cutest little fluffy puppies have jumped around, wrapped their paws around his neck, and latched on to one of his ears all the while he sniffs at them or watches. Some smaller dogs bark and he has gotten a couple nips on his nose, but he just backs up, looks at them like they’re crazy, and walks on. I’m so proud.

image(1)We spend the better parts of our summers roaming around parks and visiting dog runs. We relish exploring new places full of new scents and possibly animals. On our first visits to the dog run, Kenobi would choose the biggest male to challenge by putting his arm around the other dog’s shoulders. This made me nervous. But he quickly made friends and was part of the pack most days. There were a couple days I was on the verge of tears. He’d run in and do the circle-run clearly showing he wanted to play, and was snubbed. Amazing how crushed he was. He always has me, and I can toss a stick pretty far and usually have treats. Not too bad.

Turns out he has a lot of allergies which caused some strife, but we did work out his food and treats and10395813_717633644964603_6690295325770495412_n he is even more handsome. Kenobi caught a skunk. The event caused me more trouble than him which seems odd as his mouth stank for a couple days. He keeps getting thicker, but not taller. Kenobi believes he’s a lap dog and can leave some paw-size bruises on my legs. All of the cuddles, kisses, and the nuzzling of his head under my chin are worth it. I’m his human, and we love our National Forest adventures.

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