Nature lifts you back up, if you take notice.

This gorgeous Bald Eagle was just hanging out in the middle of the marsh--Haun Trail. So, Kenobi and I walked across the ice and wandered around to get better angles and capture the best photos that I could. I was excited when it started to take flight, but missed it. Still, the slide show depicts... Continue Reading →

Duck in a Tree!

How about that? I have never seen a duck in a tree until today. This is a wood duck. I saw them wandering around and in the lakes last summer, but this is the first time that I have ever seen one in a tree. How cool is that? You can see how high up... Continue Reading →

Strolling in the Sun

Although chilly, it is a clear, sunny day. What a relief! Walking in the sun makes all of the difference--and the lack of wind, of course. Snow is still piled high, and path so deep they are almost tunnels have been created. We didn't have a lot of luck capturing pictures of birds, but here... Continue Reading →

Blue Moon, March 31, 2018

Just sharing our photos from our outing last night at Bde Maka Ska. It was just above 20 degrees with a gusty wind sent from Canada, so Kenobi was dancing around a bit, and we could only be out a short time. Even with his most-tolerated blue buffer jacket, the wind was tearing at our... Continue Reading →

Focus on the Geese

On our daily, long walk, we usually run into plenty of ducks--mostly Mallards, but we've see a couple Wood Ducks, too. Geese are a regular presence, as well, but the other day they outnumbered the ducks. And they were all about posing for the camera. These three photos were taken as the goose stretched its... Continue Reading →

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