Merry April!

This morning we set out for a short walk, but ended up continuing down the Greenway to the Haun Tral around the Bass Lake Reserve. The drives might not be cleared of snow, and side streets still need to be plowed, but the Greenway and bike trails are clear! One reason to adore this city! The snow is continuing, and now we’re meant to get up to two feet, but the wind has let up. What a difference!

Along the Greenway, I was able to capture Cardinals, a Robin, and a woodpecker. There are usually plenty of song birds and raptors hanging out along the path and train tracks, as well as flowers, bees, butterflies, and dragonflies. It’s a wonderful, easy dog-friendly trail.

We were fortunate to see all of the usual subjects as we walked around the lake, starting with the Bald Eagle.


We were lucky to be able to walk out under the trees to get close enough to capture this picture. Next, we managed to capture this little one that Kenobi could not take his eyes off:

Once we found our way around to the other side of the lack, we found where all the others had gathered, including the mate of the Bald Eagle. The gang is all here!

Wood ducks, Mallards, Geese, and Hooded Mergansers–plus a couple newer members of the geese:

A tree full of black birds:


And here is that Bald Eagle’s mate:


What a wonderful Sunday morning to be out–very few other humans were around. Maybe that’s why we had such great luck capturing so many photos of so many gorgeous creates today! This last Cardinal was waiting for us at our apartment building when we arrived.

People are droning on-and-on about the snow and cold, but I’ve always liked the cold, and snow is always lovely. I’ll be sad when it’s gone. Although I am looking forward to the spring flowers and the insects and the arrival of so many various song birds.


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