Duck in a Tree!

How about that? I have never seen a duck in a tree until today. This is a wood duck. I saw them wandering around and in the lakes last summer, but this is the first time that I have ever seen one in a tree. How cool is that? You can see how high up he was in the tree! Gorgeous male!!

More beautiful males were on show today, too. One nicely plump Robin sat within arm’s reach while Kenobi was focused on something in the pussy willows.

I captured this Cardinal while walking along the Greenway on the way back from the lake. We circled the bit of woods where we saw four–two male and two female, but I was only able to photograph the one male. He’s a nice round, handsome bird!

Today was full of treasures including two different woodpeckers. Right as we entered the reserve, I captured this Red-Bellied woodpecker.

Not the best photos, but we’ll hope to see him again. Maybe he’ll come down a little lower on his trees. I captured a Downy Woodpecker on the other side of the lake near the medical center. How’s this for a Downy Sandwich:


Here’s a better shot:


Although I was super excited to see so many gorgeous creatures, the trees and shadows weren’t on my side. Maybe tomorrow. The squirrel called out for attention and looked me square in the eyes:


The Mallards and geese made a graceful show, as usual, too.

And my champion looking as handsome as ever:




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