Focus on the Geese

On our daily, long walk, we usually run into plenty of ducks–mostly Mallards, but we’ve see a couple Wood Ducks, too. Geese are a regular presence, as well, but the other day they outnumbered the ducks. And they were all about posing for the camera.


These three photos were taken as the goose stretched its neck over its back. It seems the goose is looking right at the camera as it begins the exercise.





Then, we can see the black feathers that mark its chin as it turns the top of its head over to rub it across its back.






And then back up again to see where it’s going. Just lovely.






It is amazing that all of the water fowl seem to be less than cautious around Kenobi. I’d really like to get a fabulous photo of one of the birds lifting just out of the water and flapping its wings in warning, but these birds must be used to dogs on leash passing by. The few times that I’ve tried to capture it, I’ve failed.

Here’s the hero of the blog, Kenobi, DSCN1075doing what he does best–hunting squirrels, rabbits, mice, and other such creatures. He enjoys rushes brush to scatter birds, too. Honestly, with a person who is hunter, he’d be very helpful and largely rewarded.


He also is sure to meet and greet other dogs and humans along the path. Even if the humans pick up their smaller dogs to walk past him. I wonder if those humans regret their actions after seeing how friendly Kenobi is.

We’ll work out our next adventures. Meanwhile, here are some more geese for your viewing pleasure:





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