Early Morning before the Spring Snow

We set out early today around Bde Maka Ska. We took our time drawing the experience out in anticipation of the snow storm. Kenobi focused on the ice and attempted to hit water through it.


There was a pair of geese resting on the ice as we made our way around the beach on the north side of the lake. They were posing, adjusting, reposing for the camera.


As we got closer, the male put up a noise and turned from us and took off:


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On the other side of the lake, we ran into a group of Robin fluttering back and forth from the ground to tree limbs and back again.


We continued toward the South Beach where the remnants of ice sculptures are scattered across the lake against the backdrop of the skyline.


Ah, spring in Minneapolis! Just beautiful.


Until our next outing, stay warm!


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