Driving to Niagara Falls

20150701_102623We got a late start. On the way we encountered road work, accidents (One so bad a car was overturned.), sudden downpours that reduced visibility to what seemed to be one foot, a tornado warning, and NYC rush hour. Google maps estimated time of trip was just under seven hours. We left at 5:00 pm. We arrived at 2:30 am. Crazy, stressful trip.

Adding to the trip was Kenobi’s mobility inside the car. I did use a harness and tether, but tried it in the front seat. Bad idea. He still had enough range to walk over me. So, we had to stop and move him to the back. He was not happy about this, but eventually adapted. During the last half of the journey, or so, he kept his chin on my right shoulder. He is the sweetest dog.

Along the trip, we saw suicide frogs that must have been the inspiration for Frogger. I didn’t see any of these little guys win, but hope some did. Lightening lit up the sky in front of us until it was around us–amazing. Wish we could have recorded it.

Once in Niagara Falls, we found Hanover House Bed and Breakfast with no trouble. It’s lovely. The house and the yard are filled with plants, flowers and interesting do-dads, pictures, paintings, and antiques. The owner, Richard, is a warm and pleasant man who makes a top-notch breakfast, although the plates are a bit too piled for me. I feel bad because I was raised in a “clean plate club” home. Kenobi was welcomed into the home, and after inspection, gave his full approval of our accommodations. Thank you, Richard, for allowing Kenobi to stay although he weighs twice the 25 lb limit!



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