20150530_075205Tomorrow is the big day! We sitting around waiting for the movers to call and arrive. Painful. The apartment is a mess. This was the most difficult move I’ve ever made, and I’ve done a lot of moving. It’s not just gathering everything up to take to a new home. There is a garbage pile that I want to increase, a storage pile I need to keep to a reasonable amount or we won’t fit in the storage locker, the donation pile, and what to take on our trip which includes camping and visiting friends and family in towns and cities. Too much to think about and be sure to have appropriate clothing for each situation. Plus, all of the camping stuff really adds a big twist.

What if it rains? What if it’s too hot? What do we need to swim, hike, cook, etc.? What do we need to hike? What if we get lost? What if I can’t get the tent up? What if it gets too cold at night? Can I life for two months without my favorite robe? Pretty major questions.

Everything took longer than I had planned, and I still need to do some shopping and some cleaning. I’d hoped to be able to shop yesterday, but no luck. The good news everything is piled in one room ready to do. The deal is if the move only takes two hours, the storage facility pays for it. I’m set. Everything is tapes, piled up, and ready to go. Except for the a/c. I cannot get the window open. But all of the screws are out and I managed to get it 1/2 way pulled through. I don’t think the movers will mind helping with the window.

Tonight, Kenobi and I will be sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. He has his blanket, faux sheep-skin mat, and body pillow, but if it works anything like my bed, I’ll probably be on those, and he’ll be in the bag. He’s wound up. Has no idea what is happening and has been under my feet the entire time. I think once we get under way, he’ll be excited. And once in the forest, he’ll feel he’s in heaven. Except he can’t chase the animals, really. That’ll bum him out. It does in the parks here and we only have skunks, squirrels, and ground hogs.

What a novice at camping am I? I made plans, bought a fishing license, and then checked the weather. Yep, it’ll be raining two of the three days I have permissions to fish. Oh well. Live and learn. I’ll be more careful at the next national forest.

For now, I need to check into hiking paths at Niagra Falls, and hope for the best at the B&B. That is our first stop, after all, and I haven’t really looked into it. I’ve been all caught up with the camping. Of course, it may be that I’m a seasoned B&B-er, and a new camper.

If things go as planned, we should be on the road heading out of NYC no later than 1:00 pm, hopefully closer to noon.


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