Day One at the Falls

20150701_140744_resized Our first day out, we walked to Niagara Falls National Park. It’s about an eight-minute walk from the Hanover House. We 20150701_122925wandered the entire walking trail on the U.S. Side. Not much of a hike, but a really nice walk. We started around Goat Island, ventured out across Three Sister’s Islands and back, and continued on to see the American Falls, and then into the park area where all of the activities are located. We met a lot of people. He is just so handsome and charming that people just have to meet Kenobi and want to pet him. He is doing very well with staying down, too–one challenge we’ve been continuously working on. He gets so excited about meeting certain people he has to lick their faces. I have no idea what the quality is that makes him so excited, but some people have it and others do not.

Dogs are not allowed in any of the buildings or on Maid of the Mist, or anything other than the walking trail, but we did enjoy the walk and had a lovely cool-down under a huge shade tree and shared some overly-expensive popcorn. It was a bit like being at the movies.

It did start to rain on us, so we finished the walking path and headed back to our room. A short adventure, but it was fine. I was exhausted from the day before and happy to just fall asleep in front of the TV. Kenobi was right there with me, so I think he was happy for the shorter excursion, too.


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