Happy Anniversary!

10470847_709496962444938_4012608918278220679_nAs of yesterday, Kenobi and I have been together for one year. It’s been quite a year with paw cuts, allergic reactions, new territory, many friends, and a couple not-so-friendly encounters, but overall a wonderful year with happiness and warmth. Kenobi makes friends everywhere he goes, and people are always asking to pet him. Small children don’t fear him, and he is such a good dog. Even at the vet, he listens and behaves. He doesn’t put up a fight at bath time, and is so full of joy when his new packages arrive and he gets a special treat. Our favorite thing to do is go exploring, so our upcoming trip is the perfect anniversary celebration!

Our trip will include camping at several National Forests between the east coast and the Grand Canyon, meeting friends and family in cities and towns along the way, swimming at dog-friendly beaches, stays at over-25 lb-dog-friendly hotels/motels/B&Bs, and hiking, hiking, hiking. Maybe I should claim to have two dogs?

I’m thankful to have been so lucky to have been introduced to Kenobi. I will never forget the way Kenobi rushed into the apartment on that very first evening and claimed the bed as his own. He was so happy. He rushed around checking everything out, and even peered around the shower curtain later that night. So cute. So curious. Thank you, Zani’s Fury Friends!


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