Camping with Kenobi

I’m not a camper. The last time I camped was in Japan at a non-threatening, non-wooded area with an experienced camper who seemed to be going way overboard for the particular situation. I am interested in camping and relish the idea of being surrounded by nature and few humans. I’ve been in NYC constantly since the fall of 2012, and I need a break. Dog are allowed in campgrounds. Haven’t found one yet that indicates: “No dogs allowed.” That is a bonus. Plus, camping is relatively inexpensive.

Unfortunately, judging from the campground maps, it’s not a lone adventure. These are small camp societies complete with prime real estate, electricity available, and “the other side of the tracks” tents only. Rules, regulations, and laws seem to be everywhere, and I can only imagine there are signs posted much like ancient Mesopotamia with Hammurabi’s Laws. How disappointing. The upside: parks have indicated what type of use each campground rates–high/light. That is something. So, I’m looking for a light-use place with easy access to an intermediate hiking trail. Perhaps next year we’ll be fit and prepared for backpacking and difficult hikes along our ultimate road trip.

So much to do. There is no mention of dogs being allowed on non-motorized boats. How fun would it be to go fishing? How excited would Kenobi be to catch a fish! I imagine his victory dance might capsize the boat. A lot of shopping yet to be done, as well: first aid kit, rain gear, tarp, water-proof matches, lantern/flashlight, cooking stuff, bedding stuff, bug stuff, and sorts of other stuff.

Exactly one week to go. Our first stay is at a B&B which will give us a bit more time to prepare for the camping trip.


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