Yesterday I received two books: Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley” (first on my summer reading list) and Camping for Dummies which should be titled “Don’t Panic.”

I am panicking. There is so much to do before the movers arrive on Monday afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve started packing–have the majority of my stuff packed, but there needs to be some tweaking and finishing. The cleaning is hanging over my head, and we still need a few more things for camping. I’m also starting to get concerned about my boy.

Kenobi’s acting up. Maybe he’s feeling the tension and stress of everything. Perhaps it’s all of the storage containers and boxes that unnerve him. Or it could be the lack of play time with friends of his own species. We haven’t been running into our best buds who wrestle. It’s probably a bit of all three things. Little guy doesn’t what’s happening, and with all of the changes in his early days, it could be worrisome. I always tell him that he is coming with me, and have described how fun it’ll be hiking, fishing, and squirrel viewing. Wish he understood.

His behavior has me concerned about staying at the B&B!


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