Promoting Good Will Towards Pitties

Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week. It’s calm and quiet. No one’s on the street–no honking, no yelling, no overly loud conversations in the hallway, and nothing is being dropped. All this means Kenobi is still snoozing, and I get some time to myself. It’s a time I can really sit and think, imagine, and create. Most times it’s all about my classroom and the lessons I’ll teach in the upcoming week, but recently the road trip has most of my attention.

I’m constantly thinking of the trip and the Kickstarter promotion I’m working to post. One of my objectives of the trip is to spread some love for pit-bull mixes like my Kenobi. No one really knows how mixed he is or what’s in that DNA of his, but his face is that of a red-nose pit bull and he has the angel wings common on labs. He is calm and curious and wants to meet just about everyone. He greats everyone warmly with kisses and snuggles. Who better to break down stereotypes and spread understanding?

While on the Ultimate Road Trip, I plan to blog at every major site, and perhaps along the way, as well, with pictures and video. At the end of the trip, I’ll put together a nonfiction book of our memoirs and contribute some of the proceeds to Zani’s Fury Friends (The organization that rescued Kenobi from death row.) and ASPCA.11138603_848517681876198_1039219865479662674_n

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