Gooseberry Falls, MN

Kenobi and I headed north on Thursday, September 7, 2016 to camp and hike along the North Shore in Minnesota. It was a long, but beautiful drive from Chicago, through Wisconsin, past Duluth to our first stop, Gooseberry Falls campground.

Thunderstorms were predicted, so I was anxious to get the tent up and fasten a tarp around it. Perfect timing. Just as I was finishing securing the cords for the tarp, the rain began.dscn3173This picture was taken the morning after the storm. I was pretty happy as using the tarp really did make a difference in keeping us dry. I should probably consider a better tent.

After a rough night in the thunderstorm, we set out to wander the trails to the falls. We started out on the shore of Lake Superior.

The rocks are impressive and make for a great study in how water and wind erode the shore. Gorgeous start to our walk.

We walked along the shore toward the falls past some picnic areas, buildings, and beaches. A lovely, sunny morning after the night’s storm.

The trails, bridges, and a long flight of stairs surround the falls, so you can’t miss them. People are everywhere taking pictures next to the falls. The falls, themselves, are impressive–a red color with a yellowish foam. The pedestrian bridge is underneath a road, and you can feel the strong vibrations as cars pass above, but the bridge does provide amazing views of the falls and park, and in the distance you can see Lake Superior and a sliver of Wisconsin on the horizon.




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