Upcoming Trip

We made the move from NYC to Chicago at the start of July, went for a short hike in the Indiana Dunes where Kenobi figured out that he can swim, and took a road trip with my father to Kansas City where Kenobi was not welcome.

Other than these short excursions, we haven’t done much traveling and hiking over this summer. It’s taking a toll on us. We love to hike and explore in the woods, forests, and wherever we find ourselves. So, I’m busy planning our next adventure.

It is going to be a two-week trip from Chicago, up into the Superior National Forest where we will hike trails along Lake Superior and camp. We have a week’s time to enjoy the outdoors and hike until we drop.

From the Superior National Forest, we’ll make our way to Cheyenne, WY to visit family. We’ll be sure to stop near Sioux Falls for a shower before arriving, of course. After our visit, we’ll head back through Omaha, NE and back to Chicago.

The big adventure will be in Minnesota, but we’ll find places along our road trip to explore, too, as we do. Long drives are better when we can break them up with an hour walk or hike, a snack, and general refreshing before driving another four or five hours to a destination.

Our new adventure begins this coming Wednesday. Check in with us.

Trip Map


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