Coming Up!


Hi All,

Sorry for the HUGE lag in posts. Kenobi and I have been on the road and venturing out on new adventures, but the next big one is coming up.

Well be making the trip from Minneapolis MN to Sheridan WY in just over a week. According to Google Maps, it’s about a 11.5 hour drive, and well be stopping twice along the way. Currently, I believe the two stopping places will be Mitchell SD and the Black Hills SD. We’ll walk around Mitchell, take care of our bladder needs, sip some water and/or coffee and keep going to one of our all-time favorite places–The Black Hills!

Here, we will be getting out to hike a trail and take some pictures, unless the weather has different ideas. The forecast says cloudy and chilly, but snow is holding off until the next day, so hopefully . . .

And although I am also hoping to hike in Bighorn National Forest, the forecast looks uninviting–snow showers. So, we’ll have to see if things will change.

Still! We’re back on the road seeing what we can see and doing our best to experience what’s out there. Meanwhile, we’ll take walks around the lakes here and practice taking pictures of more ducks.


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