A Beautiful Morning in the Park before the Storm

The first thing we caught a glimpse of was a House Sparrow. A few of them were scampering around the park area at 261st St.


Kenobi made hismelf king of the hill several times on our excursion. Here, he’s looking over the Parade Grounds.

On our way back to the path, Kenobi found a formidable tug-o-war opponent. The tree won, but my little guy had a great time playing.


King of the hill, again, overlooking the highway and over the east side of the park.

A few pretty things along the way. I want to be sure to return to catch the blooms on the cactus this Saturday, after the predicted storm.


King of the hill along our favorite path looking down on the Nature Trail and the Cross Country Trail. I saw three new birds, but missed photo opportunities.

Kenobi continues to hunt for rodents as we near home on our favorite trail.


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