Saturday in the Park

Yester11196358_858786210849345_566180920707761557_nday was a cool and cloudy day–perfect for a long, morning walk. And we met several people and sniffed a few new hinies. A woman from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas kept us talking for a while about their terrier who hates storms and hides in her closet, her coaching a Special Olympics soccer team, and how they were enjoying their visit in NYC.  A couple with a dog, Jasper, commented on how Jasper is fond of all mixed-breeds that look like Kenobi, and how pretty “she” is as Jasper and Kenobi got to know each other with sniffs and kisses.  A couple young children rushed up to pet him, too. They were thrilled as Kenobi looked at them and smiled with his tongue hanging out. A truck driver and a taxi driver both talked to us from their vehicles. We met a human and dog that just moved to the neighborhood and we chatted about some smaller dogs being less-than-friendly to her dog as Kenobi welcomed the dog to the neighborhood. Kenobi is outgoing and friendly and always making new friends. I like that about him. What a wonderful morning! Feeling the love.


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