Reviewing Lessons to Move Forward

In June of 2015, I packed up all of my belongings and moved them into a storage unit in New York City for the summer. My dog, Kenobi, and I got into a rental car and started our trip out West. In preparation, I had mapped out all of the National Forests where we'd stay,... Continue Reading →

Making It Happen

It's time. What seemed to be a catastrophe is really an opportunity. Time is now on my side to tackle not the Ultimate Road Trip, but the The Optimal U.S. National Parks Centennial Road Trip.¬†Yes, this one was created by Randal S. Olson, too and includes stops at 47 National Parks. Perfect! Again, he states... Continue Reading →

Saturday in the Park

Yesterday was a cool and cloudy day--perfect for a long, morning walk. And we met several people and sniffed a few new hinies. A woman from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas kept us talking for a while about their terrier who hates storms and hides in her closet, her coaching a Special Olympics soccer... Continue Reading →

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