Can’t Get Enough of the Haun Trail.

Not just the Haun Trail, but our entire walk to the trail along the railroad tracks and back again is always pleasant. Today it took us over two hours to complete our loop. Birds filled the tress along the Greenway, but I couldn’t see many–just heard them–and what a choir! I captured the Cardinal couple on the tracks on the way back. It was a bit unnerving when a train rounded the bend toward us. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t anything like the scene in Stand by Me, but trains moving in my direction while I’m on the tracks do spark a bit of a fire under my feet.

I didn’t capture much worth sharing, but this gorgeous male Wood Duck posed, turned, and posed again. He was hanging out at the Southwest corner of the preserve. There haven’t been any eagles since the day the crows were annoying the one in the marsh, and I haven’t seen any Mergansers recently, either. The flocks seem to have thinned out and perhaps partnered off except perhaps these three bachelors:


Are they discussing the foil floating in the water?

Kenobi and I will be on the road in a couple days. The weather forecast has changed and it looks as if there will be thunderstorms which is disappointing. When I made the plans, all was expected to be fine with temps between the high 50’s and low 70’s–perfect for spending an entire day and half on the trails, if you ask me. Still, I am looking forward to getting away and going on an adventure.


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