On the Pike Island Loop

Today, Kenobi and I spent the early afternoon at Fort Snelling State Park. A friend introduced me to the app, All Trails. When I first opened the app, it immediately showed a list of trails nearby, and I read through the first page of reviews about the Pike Island Loop, so I readied my backpack as Kenobi danced around with excitement. Clicking the “directions” icon had us on our way, and we were able to check-in when we reached the trail. Cool feature. Of course, the effectiveness of this feature will be related to your cell-service reliability. You can track your progress, too. Not so important on a trail like this, but out in the National Forests, this might help friends and family to keep an eye out for you. I’m excited about using it while in The Black Hills on our road trip next weekend to locate a trail.

No duck photos today, but we saw these lovely deer at the start of our walk. The one in front seemed to pose for photos. We weren’t as lucky to see wildlife during most of our walk. It was a little disappointing after reading the reviews that mentioned catching site of wildlife, but it is the end of winter. We’ll see more in a few months. But we did capture views of the rivers, trail, and my favorite subject, Kenobi.

About halfway around the island, the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers meet. It’s a perfect place to take a seat and rest, and a fantastic place for pictures.


Excellent walk along the other side of the island back toward the fort. Not too many humans on the trail, but several fishing boats out on the water. On our way out of the park, we caught a glimpse of this gorgeous raptor:

We’ll be trekking this trail again in the future, and when things warm up, it will be easy to spend the better part of a day walking all of the trails in the park.


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