Returning to NYC a Day Late


We left on December 29th instead of the 28th because there was a snow storm on the 28th. On the way back to NYC, the winter disappeared at the Illinois boarder, and we drove through nothing but fair weather. We stopped at Youngstown for the night. Terrible experience at a Motel 6, but it was just the one night and then on to this Park and some hiking. We walked all four trails for our daily exercise and to make the last leg home more comfortable.

When we arrived, there was a group of adults and children calibrating their GPS devices and setting out to learn something in the woods.

We wandered around the trails and followed the stream through the tall woods. We didn’t see any animals while we were there, but Kenobi seemed to detect some beings here and there.

It was a relaxing afternoon perfect for preparing us for rush hour getting on the GW Bridge. We also got a short view of the Del Gap (That’s what the signs say.). It’s the Delaware Gap, and a gorgeous vacation place. I’m not sure of everything that’s offered, but I saw great small shops, and boat ramps. Kenobi and I will be spending some time there in the future.


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