Christmas in Chicago

This is one of my very favorite homes on my parents’ block in Chicago. Every year, there is another figure. My all-time favorites are Snoopy and Woodstock, as seen here. What you don’t see is the porch with Santa and his wife and a few others. What a wonderful Christmas greeting for anyone, but especially for any child.

Lincoln Square, Chicago is all decked out for the holiday. These are some of my favorite places. Every time I’m home, I enjoy brunch at Cafe Selmarie (I worked there in 1985 before it expanded.). Wandering through Enjoy is always on my list of things to do, as well, and I usually buy something I do not need. Other places I must visit when home include the Davis Theater, The Perfect Cup, and Old Town School of Folk Music. I adore this neighborhood.

Crab cake Benedict at Cafe Selmarie

Kenobi and I walked around the neighborhood making our rounds at Welles Park and Winnemac Park.


My first Manhattan cocktail experience. It’s a yummy sipping drink. Jane made them for us in the Drunken Rooster glasses I gave her for Christmas. How cute is this? Really like the culture of each drink having its own glass and the smaller sizes for cocktails. Stylish.

Dinner with family friend Sue. Kenobi met her for the first time, and they hit it off. The meal started with baked brie with a choice of toppings.

Where’s my brie?

Excellent Christmas visit at home! Fantastic food and wonderful time catching up with people I hadn’t seen in years. Is there anything better than going home for the holiday?



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