Reviewing Pics from our Summer Adventure

The only thing on my mind recently is our summer road trip. I’m still thinking about the 48 state “Ultimate Road Trip.” I’d like to be able to take an entire year traveling along this basic route and branching off at National and State Forests and Parks.

Our summer experiences taught us a lot: Kenobi requires his own sleeping bag and air mattress. A propane oven is much more efficient when it comes to making coffee in the morning. The clerk at the sporting goods store knows what he’s talking about when it comes to quality of fishing gear. Some places demand we stay longer than we had planned. That’s a good thing. National Forests are wonderful refuges that offer activities, mental health, protection of our natural environment, and protection of exotic creatures we can witness in their natural habitats.

Did you know by visiting the National Forests/Parks, you are supporting them? Simply taking a day hike or camping over a weekend helps. Obviously, the small fees for camping help maintain the camping areas and keep camp hosts coming back. Using the parks proves the value of them.

The incredible birds we were lucky enough to view are still fresh in my mind. The only thing I can improve on when it comes to encounters with these birds is my photography abilities. And I have taken the steps. This month, I’ll be engaging in photography courses that will end in a certification. I’m excited about it and cannot wait to start. There are gorgeous Red-Tailed Hawks in the North Woods right across the street in the park. I hope to be able to use what I learn to capture some amazing photographs.

I was able to capture some excellent photos of flowers.  I lost a lot of pictures in the phone that just quit on me. The only regret I have regarding our trip is not having reliable camera and technology.And not being able to maintain communication caused worry among friends and family. That’s not good.

So, it’s five months until I hope to be on the road again. This time for a year and all 48 states on the “to visit” list, better fishing gear, more frequent (and longer) stops at National Forests, and better promotion for the National Forests.



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