Driving Home for the Holiday


Kenobi and I were over excited to get back on the road after the four long months of the school year. We now live in Riverdale, Bronx, NY and have great access to Van Cortlandt Park, but it’s just not the same as exploring a National Part or National Forest and seeing new trails every day.

We drove from NYC to Chicago. It’s a 12-hour drive, so we make a stop on the way and on the way back. On the way there we stopped at Hudson, OH to be able to take a hike in Cuyahog Valley National Park. Unfortunately, the trails were too wet and closed. Good news, though. There is a blacktop hike/bike trail from Brandywine falls.


We reached the parking lot for the falls at dawn. The drive was in the dark, and light was spreading across the sky before the sun as we crossed the bridge to the trail.


We found our way to the trail and got to watch the sun rise right in front of us. We passed a red barn with a peace sign proudly displayed, a corn field, and more humans with a newly adopted dog.

We were so lucky with the weather. It was like early spring, and we got to see the sun rise right in front of us as we walked the trail. Very few people were out and about except a few cyclists. These were serious cyclists, too, with fancy bicycles and all the right gear. Everyone was really nice and announced their passing.

We ended up wandering the trail for three hours rather than the one hour we’d planned, but it was worth it. We were more than ready to return to the car for another five hours after this excursion.


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