The Plan

Four days until we fight traffic out of NYC. Yesterday was the last day of school (I teach H.S. English in the Bronx.), so I’m able to put all of my energy into packing and prepping. The only problem is I’m overwhelmed and feel scatty.

Today, my plan was to get Kenobi out early for a long, exploratory walk down by the river. Tire him out, come home, give him his bone, and buckle down. Unfortunately, I’ve tired myself out and am having difficulty focusing on what needs to be done now. Does this happen to others? You make a plan, a schedule, and it all seems to be doable and has some flexibility for early or late finishes, but you just can’t get started? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not starting from scratch. I’ve been through every one of my belongings and made piles for trash, donations, storage, and take on trip. It’s about adding things, condensing, finishing up although I still need to use things for a couple more days. Do I really need that? How many more boxes do I need? And that sort of stuff.

All that said, the goal for today is to be packed and the apartment clean by bedtime this evening. Then, tomorrow, I can focus on what I need for the trip, make calls and arrange meet-ups on the road, and get excited. Monday is moving day. Tuesday there are three things I need to do: return modem, pick-up car, and leave.

That’s the plan. Wish us luck!

Four days to go!! It’s hard to believe.


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