Merry April!

This morning we set out for a short walk, but ended up continuing down the Greenway to the Haun Tral around the Bass Lake Reserve. The drives might not be cleared of snow, and side streets still need to be plowed, but the Greenway and bike trails are clear! One reason to adore this city!... Continue Reading →

Kenobi in the April Snowstorm

Earlier this week, the forecast was for 6" of snow in the Twin Cities. Yesterday, the claim was 8 - 10" of snow, and today the Winter Storm Warning is informing us it'll be more like 10 - 16". So, we're trapped inside for the day and possibly tomorrow. It's not so much the snow,... Continue Reading →

Hooded Merganser

The Haun Trail around the Bass Lake Reserve continues to introduce me to exciting species! Kenobi and I walked out on the ice toward this raft of Hooded Mergansers. They are so fast! And they seem to sit lower in the water while swimming. When I first saw one of these interesting birds, it seemed... Continue Reading →

Now What?

I was told that my job is being excessed. Not only mine--200 people in the district building where I work and more in schools. So . . . now what? I'm still shackled by student loans, so I must have a job--a good one with benefits. But this is a chance! It's an opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Duck in a Tree!

How about that? I have never seen a duck in a tree until today. This is a wood duck. I saw them wandering around and in the lakes last summer, but this is the first time that I have ever seen one in a tree. How cool is that? You can see how high up... Continue Reading →

Strolling in the Sun

Although chilly, it is a clear, sunny day. What a relief! Walking in the sun makes all of the difference--and the lack of wind, of course. Snow is still piled high, and path so deep they are almost tunnels have been created. We didn't have a lot of luck capturing pictures of birds, but here... Continue Reading →

There Has to be a Morning After

This morning, wind chills have it feeling around 0 degrees F, and the snow is nice and deep--10" in our area. So, no long walk or hike for us today. We're going made from cabin fever, I can tell you.   Poor little Kenobi was belly-deep in snow doing his morning "business." Gotta hand it... Continue Reading →

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