A New Neighborhood Friend!

Happy Easter! Kenobi and I ventured out on the river trail early this morning. It was a gorgeous cool, sunny morning, and we had the park to ourselves. Is there anything better?

Yes! First, I was able to purchase a baguette and loaf of bread from my favorite bakery, Adore, plus a Danish pastry and the most delectable chocolate chip cookie. I don’t remember the name exactly but it is made with sea salt and rye–unbelievably delicious!

Yes! Again! Because I captured a photo of a spotted bird that I thought was a young Downy Woodpecker at first, but it turned out to be a Northern Flicker! Wow! Amazing! Bright yellow feathers under what seems to be a cougar print jacket with a touch of red on its crown and yellow and black tail feathers. My photos do not do it justice, but we’ll make more attempts in the future.

This morning felt extra special for so many reasons. We were surrounded by birds–so many different songs mingling in the breeze. And flashes of blue, red, grey, orange as we wandered along the river. No hawks or eagles today, but the Turkey Vulture flew over.

A few of our favorites:


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