… and we’re back!

After some big life changes and feeling trapped in our apartment since spring 2020, we’re going on hiking adventures around Central Illinois.

With the help of All Trails, it is easy to find the dog-friendly trails. I am surprised at how many trails do not allow dogs on leash.

This weekend we explored the Spring Creek Preserve trail in Peoria Heights. And I was fortunate enough to capture these amazing dragonflies!

How incredible is this camouflage!

This mother was sitting in a nest within reach. She refused to leave her post as I inch closer for photos. How stressful it must have been for her!

Young female and male deer. So curious about me and my photography.

Creepy and so beautiful. Wish the photo had come out better. The light reflected a rainbow across the bottom half and caused the spider to glow!

This Cardinal did his best to not be photographed, but the clear capture of his eye surrounded by green makes for a great pic attempt.

Kenobi is overly excited to be back on the trails, and refused to go back to the car until we completed all the loops in the park.


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