Excellent Weekend!

We did a lot of wandering around our neighborhood this weekend. We got to Lake of the Isles and to the Bass Lake Reserve. Yesterday, the most exciting photos are of a Great Blue Heron:


He was just perching here watching me take photos of him. We moved a little closer, closer, and a bit closer until he felt it necessary to fly away.

Other posers included a woodpecker and a crow who escorted us onto the trail and then out again.

Then there was this interesting critter–the first one we’ve seen this year! We’ve heard frogs all over Wirth Park, but I haven’t be able to see any. Kenobi saw/detected him before I did, and I had to hold him back from . . . investigating. So important to keep our companions on leashes. Sorry for preaching, but dogs are dogs and do dog things like pouncing and hunting.


This American Toad was a clever one, too, once he was in the mud and dead leaves, he froze so Kenobi had a difficult time locating him.

Today, the most exciting site were these chicks:

My pictures don’t do this family justice. A little disappointing. But here are a couple of ducks that are lovely:

My favorite photos from today are of dragonflies. One was sitting on a branch letting me get up close, and the other–common whitetail–landed on the rock about a foot away! It felt as if they were competing for my attention. I’d never seen a Common Whitetail before, so this made it extra special.

All photos taken with Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera & 18-55mm VR & 70-300mm DX AF-P Lenses with 32GB Card + Case + Flash + Battery & Charger + Tripod + Filters + Kit with the 70-300 mm Lens.


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