Short Adventure Coming Up!

Next week, I’ll be packing up to take Kenobi up to the North Shore. Yes, again. We enjoy the drive, hiking, restaurants, shops, and harbor so much that we need to go a few times a year.

To avoid Memorial Day weekend, we’ll be heading up Wednesday afternoon and driving back into the city on Friday. I know, it seems a shame to not use the entire time we have to hang out on the North Shore, but the crowds are a huge turn-off for me. The entire idea of going into the woods is to connect with nature and observe the critters that we don’t see every day. I see way too many humans on a regular basis.

We’ll also be staying at one of my all-time favorite hotels instead of camping. Best Western Plus, Superior Inn allows dogs in certain rooms, so you do need to pay attention to the room description when you make a reservation, and there is a pet fee of $15 per night for one dog, but it is worth it! The rooms are clean, comfortable, and many luxurious. Several offer a balcony overlooking Lake Superior as the hotel is right on the beach. They serve breakfast, too, that is truly good. Many times, they serve The World’s Best Donuts’ donuts–and they are the world’s best. Honest. Every time we’ve stayed here the breakfast included eggs, breakfast meats, potatoes, fresh fruit, and yogurt in addition to the usual fare you get for hotel breakfast.

I will make a stop at The World’s Best Donuts and Dockside, as usual. These are two of my all-time favorite places along with the coffee shop, Java Moose. One of the attractions for me is that all three of these places are right near Lake Superior. You can grab what you want and go sit near the water to watch the gulls and ducks and just listen to the waves. I like that. But the food and coffee is excellent, too. I do tend to travel on my stomach.

The plan is to rush out of Minneapolis around noon, take I 35 to MN 61 up along the North Shore from Duluth all the way up to Grand Marais, stop at Dockside to grab dinner, check-in to the hotel, and wander along Artists’ Point that is past the National Guard station and just relax and revive for the full day of hiking the next day. On our way out of town on Friday, we’ll stock up on donuts in the morning, get in a morning hike, grab lunch at Dockside as we head back down the North Shore, and stop at hikes along the way–hopefully several that we haven’t hiked before. There’s no hurry in getting back to the city, which is nice, and the major traffic will be going the opposite way. I can’t wait!

I need to get some mosquito repellent, trail mix, the makings for PB&J, and mosquito repellent. Most certainly cannot forget mosquito repellent. Two camping trips back, there was no place to hide, and nothing seemed to keep the bloodsuckers away!


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