Kenobi in the April Snowstorm

Earlier this week, the forecast was for 6″ of snow in the Twin Cities. Yesterday, the claim was 8 – 10″ of snow, and today the Winter Storm Warning is informing us it’ll be more like 10 – 16″. So, we’re trapped inside for the day and possibly tomorrow. It’s not so much the snow, of course. The wind makes it absolutely miserable. Yesterday, it felt as if we were being pelted by small BBs. Today, our faces are being whipped off by cold water. Kenobi is having none of it and pulls me back into the building.

It is beautiful, though, even if it does keep us indoors. Our apartment could use a spring cleaning anyway. And there is nothing wrong with a movie marathon, freshly popped popcorn, and cuddling with your favorite being in the world!


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