Finding a Place to Stay

We arrived in Allegheny Nat’l Park early Friday evening after enjoying a leisurely late breakfast with the French family that was staying at the B&B, a last walk around the falls, and a pleasant drive. I was very thankful to not be arriving at Niagra Falls when I was leaving. Traffic was backed up onto the interstate! It was Friday, July 3rd.

We drove through Morris, PA and, let me tell you, they celebrate the 4th of July right! Preparations were underway for a parade and street fair. Made things challenging for someone trying to drive through to the forest, but I could tell the festivities were going to be over-the-top. Thinking Morris might be a good plan for next year to catch the celebration before venturing into the forest. Gotta keep thinking about the next trip.


It took a while to find Hearts Content Campground. We stopped at a fantastic tourist information building and received a map, fishing information, park trail maps, and a doggie treat. We even received fishing equipment shopping advice. Very friendly, extremely knowledgeable staff. Plus, the bathroom was spotless. I like that.


Once we found Hearts Content, it was full. Very thankful for the map. Yes, I have GPS. The thing with GPS is that all of the data needs to be entered for wherever you are and wherever you’re going. The park details were not found. You can get to the forest, but then you need to use map-reading skills from there. Do they still teach that?


I feared we may not have a place to stay as we made our way to Minister’s Campground, so had another campsite to consider in case that was full. We stayed next to Minister’s Creek. Put the tent up as Kenobi looked on, and went for an exploratory walk. It was getting dark, so we crashed.


Kenobi wasn’t impressed with the tent. He loves to travel in the car, and has accepted his place in the back seat. He gets excited on our walks and is elated when we’re on more challenging hikes, but the camping . . .


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