What are you doing?

While dreaming of our Optimum Road Trip, we’re still out on our walks and the trails in the neighborhood. While capturing this young Mallard family, this Red Finch had his eye on me only a few feet away.


After his departure, we continued on to capture more neighborhood critters along the Haun Trail and the Greenway.

We had a fun time stepping and jumping over the railroad ties left along the Greenway after they had been replaced with new ties.


And these are a couple plants that take me back in time. The thistle reminds me of walking through a field to church in Omaha full of these same thistles and grasshoppers that would grab on to me legs and make me jump. The mulberry tree reminds me of a time I was staying with my grandparents, and Granny told me to stay out of the tree that was down the street. After gorging myself and returning home, Granny asked me if I’d gotten into that Mulberry tree. Straight face, I looked right into her eyes and said I hadn’t although I was covered in purple stains–face, hands, and feet.

As we try to figure how to make our big road trip happen, we’ll keep enticing you to walk and hike the trails in MN!


All photos taken with Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera + AF-P DX 18-55mm +70-300mm NIKKOR Zoom Lens Bundle Kit using the 70-300 mm lens.


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