The Early Bird Catches the . . .

Today we went out to Wirth Park to hike the trails and finished with a walk around the lake. Kenobi really enjoys this hike, and it’s close to where we live, so we go a lot in the summer. The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden is located in the woods, too, so there are plenty of birds to capture. I haven’t been to the Garden yet–no dogs allowed.

This is a Ring-Billed Gull having a difficult time with brunch. I caught this as we were heading back to the car. It is right at the swimming beach!

We also caught a sparrow, Downy Woodpecker, hawk, Red-Winged Black Bird,  and Robin. Everyone was out enjoying the sun or cooling off in the shade.

Kenobi’s first interaction with Garter Snakes did not end-up well. Suddenly, he pounced on some leaves along the trail. Turns out it’s a nest. I didn’t look into the damage he caused, but did manage to keep him from catching a bright yellow one. A pale green snake, maybe more remained still in the nest. On the way back, a snake was worse for the wear, but I don’t think it was Kenobi who got to it. A larger yellow snake rushed away as Kenobi tried his best to get it. It seemed as if we were surrounded the way Kenobi kept charging all around us.


Kenobi was doing his best to pull logs from the ponds–working hard!

A couple other critters we captured enjoying the beautiful Sunday morning:


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