Lost Photos from the Black Hills

Kenobi is taking a break to cool off this past summer when we hiked in The Black Hills, SD. This was the hike when we met an Eagle Owl. At the time, I didn’t know what it was, but was amazed that it seemed as interested in us, as we were in it. Then I looked it up and discovered the owl was probably sizing Kenobi up for a meal. It decided against the Kenobi meal. Good thing. I figure Kenobi would have won the battle, but would not have escaped unscathed. What amazing creatures. There are pictures of these incredible predators flying away with small dogs, cats, and fawn. Sometimes having a little extra weight on you is a good thing!

We’re stuck inside this weekend due to the cold temps and crazy wind chills. Makes for a tough couple days for us. When I don’t rush off to work in the morning, Kenobi expects to be out exploring the woods, a park, or a new part of the neighborhood. So it’s nice to be reminded of how hot we got while hiking around the U.S. and the badly needed cool-downs–grass, water, and shade, please.


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