A Stalker on Our Evening Walk

We’ve been limited to wandering the neighborhood lately with the extreme muddiness of the woods. This evening, Kenobi spied a cat under a car and went to investigate. He “left it,” but continued to look back. The cat followed us. Kenobi sat as he always does when he wants to meet and greet another dog. The cat sat and looked back. It was if they were in a staring contest. No one was winning, so I broke the contest off, and Kenob and I continued. Would you know it, but the cat continued following at a safe distance. It did not follow us across the street. Perhaps I should have let Kenobi get closer and see if they would meet and greet, but it seemed risky.

He has made a friend of a duck that lives a couple blocks away. So cute! Nose to beak through the fencing around the duck’s owner’s home. One of the few times I was so sorry I didn’t have my phone on me.



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