Made it to Omaha

We’ve arrived in Omaha and checked into our motel. We left right on time this morning from Des Moines at 10:00 am, and arrived just before 1:00.


Our trip lasted fewer than three hours leaving plenty of time for a hike after a short rest.

We attired to walk the paved trail around Standing Bear Lake. It was too hot for Kenobi, and we had to stop soon and often. We turned back pretty early on, but returned the next morning to do some more wandering. There was an extreme downpour just as we stepped onto the path. It felt great–nice break from the heat and humidity. Plus, no one else was out and about. No pics, for obvious reasons.


This is from the hot day. Look at Kenobi pant.

We stayed at LA Quinta Inn on the north-west side of town. They do not have extra charges for pets. Yay! Mostly clean, although there were a few stay hairs in the bathroom area. And noisy, noisy, noisy. We heard everything in the hall–coversations, rustling to rooms with bags, and doors slamming. Kenobi did not enjoy the stay, as I’m sure others may not enjoyed his stay either. Can’t be mad at him. He was doing what he’s supposed to do. The car next to ours was broken into overnight, so the protection may have been a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong. His barking didn’t keep the theif from breaking our car window and helping himself to our tent and sleeping bag. My guess is the theif took the chance on the duffle bag that may have had some shoes, or something better than a tent–cheap tent.


After our very wet, morning walk, we examined the room and took pictures just in case. Then go back into the car to grab a coffee at Scott’s Drive Through–totally cool, and start toward Valentine.


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  1. Sorry about the ticks and the break-in. Hope you filed a police report and called Hertz. Hate for you to get stuck with a bill when you turn in the car. Your pictures from Valentine are gorgeous!


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