Chicago Experience


We’ve had a great time staying with Joyce in Chicago. She has a closed-in back porch where Kenobi can watch squirrels, birds, and a small bunny. I’ve enjoyed my coffee out on the porch each morning as Kenobi sits and watches all the fury critters. He’ll pace with the squirrels when they come up close, and there is one squirrel that makes him jump and whine. But overall, he just sits and watches. Is there a better way to start the day?


Yesterday, we traveled up to Montrose Beach to meet our friend Kim. We picked – up lunch and walked out to the park. Kenobi met new human and dog friends as we sat on a bench for lunch. We walked around and found ourselves at the dog beach. There is no swimming there. There are poo baggies and a lot of bins, and the beach is as clean as it is active. There were at least a dozen dogs running and playing. Very nice place!

The catch is that you need to get a DFA tag from a vet. You must have a rabbies shot, and tag, be current on all shots, and have the dog’s fecal matter analyzed. Then, the dog gets a new piece of bling for his collar letting everyone know that he can play well with others. It’s only a $5 license. One of the requirements is a Chicago license, but they do give the tags to visitors. We have a NYC license. Not sure if that made a difference, or not.


Kenobi liked Kim right away. She was willing to take his leash although she joked that he was walking me, and she is primarily a cat fan (Second only to U2). On the way home, Kenobi wouldn’t leave her alone in the car!

We drove around my old neighborhood Roger’s Park which is looking fabulous, by the way, and then headed to my folk’s home for some computer time and a BBQ dinner. Kenobi enjoyed another walk around Lincoln Square and Wells Park before relaxing on the sofa while I was on the computer.


He bonded with the family dog Marcel by barking at seemingly imaginary threats. And they both took part in gobbling table scraps.


Back at Joyce’s home, more varmint viewing and a game of tug-of-war with Joyce. We’ll make salmon picatta this evening, and set out toward Des Moines tomorrow.


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